Meditation: how ANYONE can meditate. Yes, even ☛YOU!☚

I have to admit, I find myself trying to subtly avoid meditation where I can sometimes. Sitting down and constantly being reminded that I can't empty my mind the way Aang can so easily gets frustrating to me. Luckily, sitting down in lotus pose chanting "Ommmmmmm" until your vocal chords dry up isn't the only way to meditate. Here are some ways you can implement meditation right here, right now!

35 Hours of Travel Later... I'm in India!!

India has been one of those countries I've been lusting to go to. The people, the culture, the music, the colors, the intricate designs, the artwork, the temples, the architecture, everything. I've been long proclaiming how much I love India and that it's probably my favorite culture, yet I've never gone. Until now.

A Fun Love Story

When there are so many people around me or when I'm in the acceptance mode of being bored waiting and just surrender to chilling to the extreme, one of my favorite things to do is daydream. SO here's me sharing a daydream.